River Irwell, Bury – LBA Headquarters

River Irwell LBA HQ

Location: From Radcliffe Rd Bury to Dumers Lane Bury

We had 70 tonnes of rock moved into the area to improve the rivers flow and created a lot of fish habitat along this section, lots of trees and planting has been done to make the river habitat.

Known Species

  • Barbel
  • Chub
  • Roach
  • Perch
  • Dace
  • Pike
  • Trout

Special Conditions
Due to access and security reasons this stretch is by appointment only. You will need to meet our Chairman to fish this section and arrange a date to fish text 07932304308. You must hold also a valid EA Rod Licence and club membership.

Access is only available by appointment only.

Good parking is on the street at Keswick Drive, Bury or nearest location to this section of River Irwell