Rules & Constitution 🇬🇧

The Membership of the Society shall be limited to the numbers decided upon each year at the A.G.M.
Members over the age of 65 shall be charged the current rate of £10 subscription.
Disabled members, on production of a valid certificate/documentation shall be charged the current rate of £10 subscription.
As amended by the Equality Act 2010 membership of the Society is open to any person regardless of race, creed, colour, gender or ethnic origins.
Minimum age for membership of the junior section is 6 years.
Junior members will be allowed membership without having to be a relative of an existing senior member, but must be accompanied by a responsible adult member at all times whilst on Society waters. Children below the age of 12 years will be eligible to fish
for free if a parent or guardian is an existing adult member and that member supervises the child.

Minimum age for membership of the senior section is 16 years.
Subscription renewals for all members are due on the 12 month anniversary of the subscription.

Members Meetings: One every 4 Month
These dates are subject to change at the discretion of the Secretary and/or the Committee. Members will be notified by whatever means available of the dates, time and venue of the above meetings.
The financial year of the Society is from 1st. June to 31st. May inclusive.
Subscriptions become due for renewal 12 months form when it started.
Members are given fourteen days to renew subscriptions after renewal date.
Any person not having paid by that time will be deemed to have resigned from the Society and will have to reapply for membership in the normal manner. ¹

On acceptance of membership, an applicant automatically agrees to abide by the Society’s rules and any undertaking given by the Society as a condition of any lease arrangement it enters into.
Any member putting his/her name forward for a function or match shall pay the appropriate deposit and balance in full whether he/she attends or not. (or in accordance with current Match Secretary’s arrangements/conditions)

(1) The close season, for fishing, (if any) shall be determined at the A.G.M.
(2) No Carp, Barbel or Trout to be retained in keepnets.
Keepnets must be used as follows:-
(a) Keepnets to be a minimum of 8feet (2.4m) long with a minimum diameter of 18” (45cm) and must be constructed of knotless mesh. ¹
In shallow waters, Keepnets must be staked to prevent collapse.
(b) No fish over 5lb to be kept in a keepnet.
(c) No fish to be retained in a keepnet for more than five hours, extreme hot weather may determine otherwise
(3) Access to Waters:
(4) No members allowed on water between Dusk and Dawn without prior permission of the Secretary. (Except Bailiff’s on official business)
(5) Members must carry their Environment Agency rod license and membership card at all times, which must be produced on a suitable request by a Bailiff, other member and/or Environment Agency Bailiff, who may also ask to inspect any item of tackle. Failure to produce any requested documentation may result in expulsion.
(6) All keys remain the property of the Society and must be returned to the Secretary on resignation/expulsion from the Society.
(7) The removal of any fish from the Society waters is prohibited. (Offenders will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Law)
(8) All members must be in possession of and use an appropriate sized landing net at all times.
(9) No litter to be left on the banks/pegs. Persistent offenders will be expelled from the Society. Members must remove all litter on vacating their peg whether left by them or not and placed in the bins provided on site.or taken home ,
(10) Members must fish from designated pegs only and on no account should the bank be disturbed to facilitate fishing. (No foul or abusive language to be used on the Society’s waters/Social Media (Facebook)
(12) Maximum two rods/poles to be used at any time with a maximum of one hook per rod/pole.
(13) No person to be in possession of any air rifle or similar weapon on or around any water or land controlled by the Society, unless permission has been granted by the committee.
(14) Use of cereal groundbait should be limited to no more than 1kg per match.
(15) Only Barbless hooks to be used at all times on Society waters although Micro barb may be used only on the river system.
(16) No tins containing baits such as Luncheon Meat, Sweet Corn etc., to be taken onto Society waters, baits of this nature must be transferred to bait boxes prior to fishing.
(17) No improvement works to be carried out on Society land or water unless part of an organised working party or specifically approved by the Committee or nominated working party organiser prior to the commencement of the work.

(18) All fish to be unhooked from a landing net or specialist unhooking mat. No Fish to be unhooked using a dry towel, by placing on ground or fishing platform.
(19) If in a minority of circumstances, it is necessary to photograph fish, the fish must be kept out of the water for a minimum time period necessary to take a single photograph. On no account must fish be carried around the water for public viewing.
(20) Where a match is contested by eight or less competitors, pleasure angling will be allowed after the draw has taken place, provided that pleasure anglers position themselves at least two pegs away from the nearest competitor.
(21) When Fly fishing : 1 rod maximum and 3 flies maximum.
(22) L.B.A. H.Q. Stretch of River Irwell is by Invitation ONLY and so is river Roch farmers field IF YOU LIKE TO FISH THESE AREAS /THEN TEXT CHAIRMAN THE DAY BEFORE FISHING text 07932304308 FOR approval

(1) Anglers must walk on footpaths or roads on entering and leaving the venue.
(2) Fishing must be by rod and line/pole only.
(3) Members must not pollute any water and/or streams.
(4) Member must be in possession of a current license issued by the E.A.